ST for 1.16 has been released! (27.06.2020) Copy Hotlink

Thumbnail The Nether update is here!
You can find the download for the newest version right here!
Enjoy! :)

Also make sure to read this News article incase you haven't yet!

Behold! A complete Rework for the Website! (26.06.2020) Copy Hotlink

Thumbnail Because the old Design wasn't really good, and I wasnt really that happy with it either so I decided to completely re-do the Design from the ground up, while also keeping the same style-direction in terms of colors.

The Customizer however is not available yet as I really want to fine-tune some things in the background (and stress-test) before I make it public again as I also recoded large parts of said Customizer.

I've also added a lot of new features such as the News Page and Tab on the Main Page, the History page, and generally cleaned up lots of background code so various scripts will load faster.
(On some pages the load has been nearly halved in comparison to the old website, even though this one has way more features!)

That's pretty much everything there is to say for now I guess so I hope you'll enjoy this new look as much as I do. :)

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