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Main Homepage

The Starting page / Homepage of this Website.

Downloads Page

You can find all Download Links and Main Version Changelogs here.

News Page

Here you can find all News about the Resource pack.

Customizer Page

The Online Customizer which lets you create your own Addons is here.

Website Settings Page

Here you can change how the Website works - or looks if you want to.
You can also delete your Cookies here.

Features Page

A fancy list of some Features this Resource pack has to offer.

Media Page

Most Screenshots or other Media can be found in here.

History Page

If you are interested in the history of this resource pack you can visit here for some history.

Donation Page

If you plan on buying me a coffee feel free to visit this page. <3

Here you can find all the Legal Stuff if you're interested in it!

Permissions Page

The List of other Artist's work I am using for the resource pack.

Privacy / GDPR Info Page

Legal Stuff - This Page tells you where and/or how I may use your data when using this Website.

Credits Page

The List of great people who deserve to be known for their amazing work.

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