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To prevent any false translations the following text is only available in English.

Website Usage Information:

This page is here to give you information about any data collection, data use, or usage of your personal data when you use/browse this Website.

By Using/Browsing this website you agree to the Website (and Web-server) Using and possibly saving your data.
For more Information on what data may be used/saved please read below.

Contact Info:

If you wish to contact the Administrator you can do so here via Discord:
Discord: Steven#4298

Info about 3rd Party Links/Website URL's:

Please note that this Website has certain Links/Content going to outside third party Pages such as
Planet Minecraft, CurseForge, Minecraft Forums, Imgur or Discord or other Pages.

Please note that any other third party pages are not administrated by me and therefore may have unwanted content or privacy guidelines so
make sure to properly read the respective Page's Privacy Terms if you want to stay on the safe side.

Info / Data Collected about you when visiting this Website:

Upon visiting this website the Webserver may log your visit with a Timestamp of the time when you visit a certain page,
your IP-Adress and Information about the Browser you used to visit this Website.

The Web-server Software used to Log/Manage this Website is called NGINX,
if you wish to search for more information regarding NGINX's Server Logging.

Info / Data submitted by you when using the Customizer:

When you create your own Addon/Customized Pack you are filing out a sort of form, telling the website exactly what blocks/items/textures you want,
obviously the Website needs to read/use your submitted data to create a Addon pack for you with the input you gave out.

Also note that the Customizer may save the Time and Date of when you used the Customizer aswell as your entered Options
as the Customizer has a own Log-file incase a error or crash occurs.
Log files may be saved for atleast 24 hours to check the cause of an error if one appeared while the Customizer Process was running.

Please note that the Text Input fields are also used to properly configure your Pack, and that the Data entered into it/submitted is NOT encrypted, It's raw text, and while this Website does have HTTPS security I'd still like to suggest you to not enter any personal details like Passwords etc.
(Just being a honest dev here.)

Also note that when you share a Password, link or your Addon pack to others they will know what Options you picked (obviously).

Cookies saved / used about you:

When visiting this website for the first time you will see a Banner about this website using and saving Cookies.
By Browsing / Using this Website or by clicking the "Accept" button in the Cookie-Banner you agree to us saving and using these Cookies.
For more information about Cookies feel free to visit this Website.

Types of Cookies saved / created:


Created/Saved when visiting the website, used by PHP to know what the current Session is.
Cookie Content may be: a code/number id.
(May get changed/updated randomly by various PHP scripts.)

User Page Configuration/Preference Cookies: Language (user_lang)

Created/Saved when visiting the website, used to know what language you want to browse the Website in.
Cookie Content may be: a language code/text like "eng" for example.
(May change/update when using the Website Settings to change it.)

User Page Configuration/Preference Cookies: Theme (user_theme)

Created/Saved when visiting the website, used to know what website theme you want to have the website use.
Cookie Content may be: "default" when on Default, "dark" on Dark Theme, "bright" on Bright Theme.
(May change/update when using the Website Settings to change it.)

A Cookie that tells us if you saw the customizer tutorial (watched_tutorial)

After going through the tutorial or dismissing the tutorial window you will automatically create this Cookie so you wont see the tutorial window all the time.
Cookie Content may be: "true" if you watched (or dismissed) the tutorial banner.
(After either going through the tutorial or dismissing the tutorial window)

A Cookie that tells us if you agreed to the usage of cookies (cookieconsent_status)

When clicking on the "Accept" Button in the Cookie-Banner you will automatically create this Cookie so you wont see the banner all the time.
Cookie Content may be: "dismiss"
(After clicking on "Accept" in the Cookie-Banner)

Cookies used by FontAwesome (__utma,__utmz,_ga,gid,mp_*userid*_mixpanel)

These Cookies may be created automatically when browsing the Website since all Pages make use of FontAwesome.
FontAwesome is a Addon used to show all the Small Icons you may see on this Page.
Cookie Content may be: Various Data required so FontAwesome loads/works properly.
(For more information please read the FontAwesome Privacy Page)

Cookies used by YouTube (

Various parts of the Website may have embedded Videos which were uploaded on YouTube.
To have these Embeds work the frame containing a Video may create a local browser cache or create certain Cookies when playing/clicking a Video.
(For more information please read the YouTube/Google Privacy Page)

I wish to see my Data you have collected about me, where can I see it?

Since no Personal data in terms of your Name or such is saved there is no real Data we can show to you
other than perhaps the Date, time and Browser Info of your visit.
However this Data can't be used to track you in any way since there is no way to prove its your data and as we cannot give out Data that may not belong to you we can't give out the Data specified above either.

Other than that all Cookie data/Information is also not saved on the Server but client-side on your own Browser on your PC, and we don't save that Information either but only read if via Scripts when you use our Website.

I want to delete all my Data from this Website, where can I do this?

Please check the Delete all Personal Data Section in the Website Settings to delete all your Cookies.
Alternatively you can also check if your Browser allows you to manually delete the Cookies aswell if needed.

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