Allowed me to use some of his Assets from his old discontinued Texture pack to use in my Resource pack.

His Texture pack: Minecraft Forum Thread


Allowed me to use his Wood / Plank textures present in his Resource pack because they were really well done.

His Texture pack: Minecraft Forum Thread

Kristoffer Zetterstrand

He created the original Minecraft Paintings / Drawings.

His Website:


In my opinion the OG when it comes to the "Faithful" idea.

His pack back then was already one of my favourites and made me want to attempt making a Faithful-styled Resource pack.

Misur / Miguel G.

He helped me a lot on many of Textures by either pointing out flaws and errors or giving helpful advice almost all the time.
Sadly he quit the Minecraft scene so im unable to link his Resource pack or Profile, due to these being long gone due to inactivity.

I hope you are doing well and are successful in whatever you may be doing!

Everyone who is giving me constructive criticism or friendly comments

Honestly, Im really happy that so many people enjoy my work and even take their time to make friendly comments, send praise
or even write constructive criticism to help me improve or even go as far as to donate me money! :o

I Honestly can just thank everyone so much and keep doing what I like - Making this Resource pack! :)

Thanks so much! <3

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