Resource pack History

26.06.2020 A New Website

The Resource pack Website got a complete overhaul, adding many new Pages (such as this one) and a more clean overall Design.

18.12.2019 Posted on CurseForge

Due to popular request I've also posted the pack on CurseForge.

I gotta say their Version control stuff is a lot more appealing than on Planet-MC and MC-Forums.

22.05.2019 Webhost Transfer

On this date my Friend (who was the original Webserver Sponsor and let me host my Stuff for free on his Webserver, said he wanted to shut down his Server, because he stopped using it.

Thankfully one of my Fans called CandyCrystal was super generous and let me switch Webservers, which took a few weeks, but it didn't matter since once everything was set up it was back to perfect!

You can't believe how thankful I am for that.

14.01.2019 The great GDPR-Forum-Nuke recovery

When the GDPR came out Curse had to properly ask Users if they wanted to keep their Data on their Website, or else it would have been deleted.
Sadly the Pop-Up Banner Cursed added to the page never really displayed properly, and I never saw it, therefore deleting my Entire Account and its Threads/Replies etc.

Thankfully Alvoria was really supportive and helped me recover my Account as much as possible so I was able to properly regain access to my Profile since having to make a new thread etc. would have been quite annoying.

13.01.2019 Posted on Planet Minecraft

The Resource pack was posted on Planet Minecraft.

Why so many Years later?
I just never felt like posting to the other known Forums, and was too lazy haha!

Aaaand I also was quite angry over the nuke in the other forum. And because I didn't want people to think I deleted the Pack I made a post on Planet Minecraft.

26.09.2018 The Online Customizer was finished

The project that spanned multiple months, took many tries and many sleepless hours, finally was finished.

The Online Customizer that let people create their own Addons was working and available.
Sure, it still had lots of Issues to fix and improve on, but after a while it just got better and better.

The Original Discord Announcement posted to celebrate the release was this one.

10.09.2017 The Community Discord was opened

Since some people wanted to have a Discord and I do agree that most Forum's Chat/Text Editors are absolutely horrible (Looking at you Minecraft Forums) I made a Community Discord for the Resource pack complete with a Announcement Channel, a Media channel and Chat Channels for people to Talk in.

09.06.2017 Ragecraft Faithful is now called Steven's Traditional

Because having "craft" in your name is already unoriginal enough I wanted to come up with a more personal name.

In the end I just used my name to come up with Steven's Traditional,
not any less boring of a Idea, but still sounds more like a legit Resource pack name than Ragecraft Faithful did.

10.03.2017 Pricing changes and their Results

I used to host with Hostinger and while the Servers were quite unstable etc. I thought its aight since It's a free host, however a few weeks before I cancelled my Website they changed their Pricing and heavily reduced the features you had when using a Free Service, before ultimately dropping the Free Hosting altogether.

However due to all these problems mentioned before I didn't feel like paying either, the "Guest/Demo" Experience of the Free-hosting just was way too bad imo for the monthly Cost they wanted.

02.05.2016 My first Proper Website went Online

I signed up at Hostinger to host my own Website made with HTML/CSS etc. instead of using a premade Google Pages website (Since i was only able to change the Text itself and some Images, not the full Design of the Website.
And while the Website itself wasn't that beautiful, it still did its job just as good.

The Website URL back then used to be ragecraftfaithful.hol.es

04.07.2014 Posted on Minecraft Forums

The Resource pack was posted on Minecraft Forums.

It originally was posted a few days earlier but it got removed because I still had some Assets in the Pack that I had no Permission to use yet, so I had to remove these and then Post my Pack.

22.12.2012 First ever Screenshot posted online

This Screenshot is the very first ever posted Screenshot of this Resource pack, originally uploaded on Imgur here: ImageURL

The exact Timestamp this Image was posted on Imgur was 2012-12-22 15:13:47.

Back then the Pack was a fully private pack though only intended for my Friends,
so it wasn't even public yet.

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