Website Credits

Ajlkn / HTML5UP

Originally created the base HTML Template and is giving it out for free on his website,
thus saving me multiple hours of pain trying to create mobile responsive CSS.

His Website:

Jotform / Before-after.js

Created the Before and After slider plugin used in the Features Page.

GitHub Page: Jotform's Before-after.js

Claviska / SimpleImage

Created a easy to use Image class which makes working with Images way easier and more comfortable.

GitHub Page: Claviska's SimpleImage

Kylefox / jQuery-Modal

Created the code used for every small info window you may encounter, also called Modals.

GitHub Page: Kylefox's jQuery-Modal

Verlok / Lazyload

Created a plugin which allows lazily loading images, thus making the load times way lower and more enjoyable.

GitHub Page: Verlok's Lazyload


Has sponsored a Webserver where this Website is hosted on, and I am incredibly grateful for that because having to rent a Server is quite expensive and managing one is very tedious work.

Thank you very much for the work you do as a Admin! :)

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