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ST for 1.16 has been released! (27.06.2020) Copy Hotlink

Thumbnail The Nether update is here!
You can find the download for the newest version right here!
Enjoy! :)

Also make sure to read this News article incase you haven't yet! ... [...]


Steven's Traditional...

Steven's Traditional is a 64×64 resource pack that is inspired by Mojang's default Minecraft textures, but in a higher resolution, going from 16×16 pixels to 64×64 pixels, which is four times the texture size that the default resource pack supplies, allowing for more detail.

Not only does this Resource pack supply a more detailed look, but it also prevents the known hassle of using a new resource pack and not knowing what block is what due to the textures being changed too much.

This website also features various pages where you can always find lots of information and links such as all downloads with changelogs, a media page with screenshots made by various users as well as a online customizer that lets you pick your own textures and create your own pack with ease and many more useful pages!

So if you are looking for a faithful resource pack give this one a try!
You won't regret it!

Comparison before Comparison after

What can I find on this website?

On this Website you can find lots of Information

You can find lots of Information about the Resource pack like a List of Features, the Downloads Page with a useful Changelog listing all changes for each Main Version, a Navigation listing all pages and a small section for all the Legal Stuff, The Online Customizer, a History Page which tells you more about the resource pack itself and a Media Page which contains lots of Screenshots made by other Users as well!

And also if you are looking for a Light Theme for this Website you can find a Style setting in the Settings page.
Oh and I nearly forgot, you can also find the Language settings as well in the options!

Steven's Traditional on other Websites

You can find my Resource pack on other Websites as well!

If you wish to follow my Resource pack on other Websites such as Minecraft Forums or Planet Minecraft you can find the Links below to do so.

Join our Community!

Chat with other People on Discord!

We also have a Discord Server you can join to talk with other People who also use this Resource pack and have a nice chat!

On the Discord you also can also feel free to share Screenshots of your Builds you made and perhaps you might see them on this website's Media section one day. :P

You can also ask questions regarding the Resource pack itself and use self assignable roles to get notified where there is new Information about updates or any other issues.

Try the Interface Customizer!

Easily create your own Game Interface!

Customizer GUI Preview

Often you download a Resource pack but feel like the Interface Style isn't really what you want?

Sure it can happen, everyone has his own taste in terms of Colors,Style or Theme, which is why you can create your own Custom Interface!

Change up the Itemboxes, the Shading, the Background and many other things!
There are also see-through options for everyone who needs the edge at PVP by being able to see what happens even when taking a peek inside a chest or when crafting!

And for everyone who loves the default plain gray Interface you can get that one as well in just a few clicks!

Try the Main Customizer!

Not a fan of that Block? Change it!

Main Customizer Preview

Do you think your Grass-color is not as green as you wish it'd be?
Or you prefer your Eggs brown instead of beige?

If you feel like changing things up you can always use the Main Customizer to change many various things such as Block textures, Item Icons, the Grass Color, or many other Things!

The Customizer allows you to easily create your own Addon which replaces certain Textures with the ones you prefer, with a simple Interface you can easily create your own Addon pack in just a few Minutes!

I also often take user-requests for certain things and try to make them possible so if there is a thing you really would like to have added feel free to tell me and i'll see what I can do!

Where can I find the Downloads?

Well let me take you to the Downloads Page right away!